„Nature is how you perceive it.“

by Lavran

The Revenant

Produkční designér a dlouholetý Malickův spolupracovník Jack Fisk o rozdílu mezi pohledem na přírodu v Malickově díle a ve filmu The Revenant (2015) Alejandra G. Iñárritua:

„I think Alejandro perceives nature as being against you, and Terrence sees nature as being with you. It’s a different approach. It’s really about being in reality. Nature is how you perceive it. Terry is a philosopher and he’s a birder, and he loves nature, and he gets out in it whenever he can. Alejandro comes from Mexico City, and it was a challenge for him. The excitement for him was doing a manly film about survival in nature, so it’s a very different approach than what Terry has. But it’s interesting that they use the same cinematographer and some of the same techniques. There’s quite a difference in their work.“

(Zdroj: Vulture.com)